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Why Responsive Web Site Design is so  important than in the past years

If you don't understand what responsive web page design is or why it's more valuable than in the past, you will need to begin to see the relaxation need to know , and try out your website's responsiveness among your finest prioroties.

What's Responsive Web Site Design?

Responsive design describes websites that provide a perfect viewing experience for that visitors by enabling the site to readjust and reposition design to function and flow easily on any device, it could be a pc, tablet, or smartphone. Responsive functionality will come by way of rearranging the page layout, modifying the means by which or what content articles are presented, and special features created for use particularly in the smartphone or tablet.
Recent statistics show the following regarding items employed by individuals to websites:

  1. 80% of mobile searches result in action online in a hour.
  2. 40% of people conduct searching on computers/laptops, while 60% explore their phones.
  3. 63% of mobile clients will choose another result when not mobile friendly.

Once the statistics above aren't enough to demonstrate the value of mobile friendly website designs, on April 21 2015, Google folded out a completely new search formula to include mobile ambiance just like a significant ranking factor for websites. Which means that if your website is not mobile friendly that it's going to affect your quest position ranking.
Use our free Mobile Firiendly Test to look for the way your website ranks for mobile use.