How to do internal links improve, SEO result better?

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How to do internal links improve, SEO result better?

by SEO Dorin in Search-engine-optimizion

Internal links

Internal links are the link in your webpages, that links from one page domain to another pages on the same domain. It is one of the better and best On page SEO technique to improve ranking for certain keywords. It helps to increase page rank and drive traffic for your website.

-Helps to decrease your bounce rates
-Passing the link juice to other pages
-Link the higher authority pages of your site 
-Do follow your internal links

Advantages of a good internal linking:

1. Internal linking improves usability through anchor texts
2. Internal link helps spread the link juice
3. Internal linking boosts page views
4. Internal linking improves PageRank
5. Internal linking improves time-onsite
6. Internal linking helps to crawl and indexing

Here are some free seo tools to check you link juice power.

Backlink Checker
Link Analyzer
Link Price Calculator
Website Link Count  Checker 
Broken Links Finder 
Backlink Extractor

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